Butterfly Event Packages


Whether you are planning a butterfly release at a Butterfly Birthday, a butterfly Quinceanera, a Baptism or a Corporate Event, our Monarch butterflies will add a memorable touch to your occasion! In fact, we offer a wide array of pre-arranged packages that will make planning your butterfly release events easy and thorough.

Enhance your event with a Butterfly Release Package from our Butterfly Event Collection. Monarch Butterflies may be released anytime during an outdoor event.

Photo-moment tip! Releasing Live Butterflies at your event will add a dramatic effect that your guests will talk about for years to come. Butterfly releases also make for an excellent photo opportunity! We are confident that you will enjoy releasing butterflies at your event.


Butterfly Event Packages
Choose the perfect presentation for your Next Event.

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Individual Butterfly Release choices

The following butterfly release packages are for individual release. They include 15 Monarch Butterflies and the shown butterfly release presentation. Extra Monarchs can be ordered with these packages. Just keep shopping and use the link below.

Triangular Butterfly release boxes.
Pearl Collection Package A
Fifteen Large Monarch Butterflies in Personalized triangular card stock Butterfly Release boxes. A favorite for Quinceanera butterflies.
Pearl A
Square individual butterfly release box.
Pearl Collection Package B
Fifteen Large Monarch Butterflies in Personalized Square card stock Butterfly Release boxes. A favorite for Hospice butterflies and corporate events.
Pearl B
Customized glassine individual butterfly release envelope.
Pearl Collection Package C
Fifteen Large Monarch Butterflies in Customized butterfly release envelopes. A favorite for Graduation butterflies and achievement celebrations.
Pearl C

Mass Butterfly Release Choices

The following butterfly release packages are for a Mass Butterfly Release. A Mass is when All the butterflies are released from the same container. We ship the butterfly release containers in advance. The following Mass Release packages must be ordered at least 10 before the event.
Don't have 10 days? Click Here for Pre-loaded Mass Release box options

pink and white butterfly display cage.
25 Monarch Butterflies & Display Cage
This purple and white display cage was designed with the " Princess" in mind. It is ideal for presenting Birthday Butterflies prior to the butterfly release. Includes 25 Monarchs.
25 Monarchs & Cage Purple bow
pink and white butterfly display cage.
25 Monarch Butterflies & Ivory Heart
This selection includes 25 Monarch Butterflies and our beautiful Satin Heart-shaped box.
25 Monarchs & Ivory Heart


Additional Monarch Butterflies with this Package $7.25. Ordering additional butterflies may increase shipping costs.

Mass butterfly release box made up of all natural materials
Small Natural Butterfly Release Box
Thirty Monarch Butterflies and this at natural butterfly release box. This is a very "green" way to display your butterflies prior to the butterfly release.
Round Natural

The Natural Big Box

This butterfly release container made from natural fibers is capable of accommodating the maximum butterfly release alowed by the USDA. This box can accommodate up to 250 Monarch Butterflies! The large box is shipped in advance of your event so please order at least ten day prior to your planned butterfly release.

Large natural fiber box closed bigbox_open Large natural fiber butterfly release box
Big Box with 150 Monarch Butterflies
$ 1050.00
Additional Monarch Butterflies with
our Big Box Order $6.25
Big Box with 250 Monarch Butterflies
Large Black Pop-up Butterfly Release
Our large black pop-up container& 250 Monarch Butterflies. This is for the person that likes to go Big.

* Please note that the shipping quote covers the shipping of your live butterflies in an insulated cooler via Overnight priority weekday delivery.
For Saturday Delivery: Choose the Saturday option at checkout. Saturday delivery charges add $15.00
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